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Sciantarelli Law Firm provides results-oriented legal representation to victims of injury accidents.  Mr. Sciantarelli previously worked for a large personal injury firm and has often managed large volumes of cases to his client's satisfaction. Now Mr. Sciantarelli brings his extensive experience to work for you taking cases and claims all over the states of Indiana and Kentucky. With the experience and knowledge to litigate even the toughest cases, you can rest assured everything possible will be done to obtain the maximum amount on your claim. Kevin never gives up and fights tooth-and-nail against large corporations and high-priced mega-law firms. His results speak for themselves.


Attorney fee guarantee.


Our 28% fee guarantee means our clients take home a much larger portion of a settlement than the percentage of their settlement they would receive at other firms that are charging between 33% to 45%. Ask around and you will see our difference. Trust us, you will pay a much lower contingency fee percentage at Sciantarelli Law Firm than at many other firms.  Attorneys fees are calculated at 28% of the client's gross recovery before deduction of court costs and case expenses.  However, if no recovery can be obtained for you, you owe nothing and we cover the court costs and case expenses.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sciantarelli Law Firm uses investigators and accident reconstruction experts to prove your case whenever helpful.


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Motorcycle Accidents

Every year hundreds of motorcyclists are killed on the roads of Indiana and Kentucky. Sciantarelli Law Firm proudly


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Trucking Accidents

An accident between a car and a semi is a scary thing. It is like a tornado landing on your house.


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Amusement Park Injuries

If you have been injured at a carnival, fair or amusement park, immediately take the following steps to


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Cruise Line Injuries

An injury or illness on a cruise turns a dream vacation into a nightmare.


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Other Practice Areas

Kevin Sciantarelli has handled nearly every type of case all over Kentucky and Indiana and beyond.


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The Kentucky State Bar Association and Indiana Supreme Court require me to say that COURT COSTS AND CASE EXPENSES WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT.

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